Prince - The Undertaker Prince - The Undertaker
Prince - The Undertaker Prince - The Undertaker

Prince - The Undertaker

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Prince - The Undertaker

This recording was made in a continuous single live-in-the-studio pass in collaboration with NPG drummer Michael Bland and bassist Sonny T.. Prince originally intended to give this live CD away free with 1,000 copies of Guitar Player magazine in 1994 (uploading an original The Undertaker CD to iTunes, shows the year 1995 as the year the CD was "released"), but he was reportedly barred by Warner Bros. from doing so. Copies were leaked and bootlegged. The songs were guitar-heavy versions of rock and blues numbers, including a cover of The Rolling Stones' "Honky Tonk Women" and new recording of "Bambi" (originally from 1979's Prince). The title track was a cover of a song previously given to Mavis Staples, while "The Ride", "Zannalee", and "Dolphin" would all be re-recorded future releases. A video recording of the performance was released in Europe (on VHS and Laserdisc) with small edits throughout the performance and "Dolphin" replaced by the audio track from the official video of the song from The Gold Experience.

Track listing

1 - "The Ride" - 10:54
2 - "Poor Goo" - 4:26
3 - "Honky Tonk Women" - 3:00
4 - "Bambi" - 4:49
5 - "Zannalee (prelude)" - 0:44
6 - "The Undertaker" - 9:50
7 - "Dolphin" - 3:40

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